Masserie in Puglia

Charming places filled of history

Masserie of Puglia: let’s discover them together!

Masseria il Frantoio is one of the most famous masserie of Puglia. It is a charming place, filled by traditions and apulian flavors that represents all the masserie in Puglia.

The masserie – or farmstay – have deep roots in the past of this region when the spanish empire allowed at Regno delle Due Sicilie the licence necessary for repopulate the apandoned areas of the region.

Today we will bring you trough the story of the region and of the masserie in Puglia, discovering how these places are become famous and charming places where to stay in Puglia.

Masserie in Puglia: history and tradition

Masserie in Puglia date back to the XVI century when the spanish empire allowed at Regno delle Due Sicilie the licence necessary for repopulate the abandoned areas of the region. At that time the inhabitants started to build the first masserie in Puglia.

The typical masserie of Puglia was a proper mini village where families, nobles and animals lived together. The Masserie of Puglia were places where daily life and hard work were mixed together. Typical products as cheese, ham, meat and olive oli always constituted the pilasters of the economy of the masserie.

Trough the time these masserie changed their aspect. The richest masserie started building stone wall all around for instance.

From the XVI century to our days

Masserie in Puglia began their transformation in charming and touristic places in the latest 900’ when the firsts abandoned masserie started to be refurnished. This change has increased in the last years. The number of refurnished masserie is, as a matter of fact, growing year after year, allowing always more tourists visiting puglia for holidays. Masserie in Puglia are now famous all over the world for their deep tradition, their style and charme.

Masseria il Frantoio: a world famous masseria of Puglia

Masseria il Frantoio is one of the most exclusive masserie in Puglia. It was built in the 1500 and has all the typical feature of the oldest masserie. When the Tanzarella’s estabilished Masseria il Frantoio, the structure was totally different. The first block was built in the XVI century, one century later was built the secondary part including the chapel and the area that now is used as restaurant, but was initially used as stall.

During the XIX century the Tanzarella’s had a period of luck becoming rich and powerful. In this period was realized the main building. This building is characterize by two impressive columns and a spacious balcony.

During the 70’ the Tanzarella’s left the masseria and the Balestrazzi’s became the new owners. The new property converted the masseria in what we now know as masseria il Frantoio, the charming place who host hundreds of tourist from all over the world.

Come visiting Masseria il Frantoio and discover our story and tradition!


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