Owners’ house

2-3 guests
1 double + 1 small


The master suite is located on the first floor of the oldest part of Masseria il Frantoio, dating back to the 1500s. It serves as the residence of the property owners. This house features a spacious bedroom with a magnificent canopy bed and an original 16th-century ceramic tiled floor. The emphasis is on the view of the enchanting central courtyard of the masseria. Additionally, there is a cozy lounge area and a fully equipped kitchenette, created as a winter garden above the 18th-century chapel.
This room offers an authentic journey into the past, allowing you to relive the living experience of the noble house owners from bygone times.

Please note that, due to its location within the historic walls, the bathrooms have limited dimensions and heights: 2 square meters with a shower and a sink, plus an additional 2 square meters with a second sink, toilet, and bidet.

We are aware of the limitations in the bathrooms and strive to provide maximum comfort despite the reduced size.

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Room Amenities

Owners’ house 7
Welcome Gift
Owners’ house 8
Heating and Air conditioning
Owners’ house 9
Owners’ house 10
Soaps and Shampoos
with olive oil
Owners’ house 11
With view or terrace
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Tea or coffee maker
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Free Wi Fi


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