• Snack 3

    Salted Almonds

    Perfect to accompany a tasty aperitif. Almonds are rich in vitamins (especially vitamin B and vitamin E), minerals and proteins. Used regularly, they provide health benefits, warding off cholesterol, osteoporosis and cardiovascular problems.

  • Snack 4

    Sweet Almonds

    The sweet almonds are ideal for a tasty, energy-rich snack. An excellent dessert to be savored at the end of the meal to give the perfect finishing touch to all your banquets: crunchy and with an intense flavor, they will tickle even the most demanding palates, giving a unique and enveloping sensation.

  • Snack 5

    Sweet and Salted Almonds

    A mix of sweet and savory roasted almonds... one leads to the other. Perfect for a non corny aperitif.

  • Snack 6

    Fried Fava Beans

    Just the best for your evening aperitif or whenever you feel like munch on something, not at all like all those industrial chips (no chipster are allowed in this house...!).
    They are strictly prepared in the Masserias kitchen. The fava beans are first dried and then fried in our extra virgin olive oil then left to cool, salted and finally packaged.

  • Snack 7

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