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The Ostuni products tell our past
as the history books

Pugliese cuisine is the richest fantasy world thanks to o land rich in rural tradition. The Ostuni products, tell our past as the history books. Today several artisans have brought into the world this culture and we want to open the doors of the best, to make you see and taste the best that the territory can offer. Come with us to find out how you create the best dairy products, meats, wines, pastas and much more! All strictly biological.

Visit craft dairy farm and tasting inside

Puglia is famous for its great production and daily consumption of dairy products. A family farm is happy to welcome our guests during the cheese making, such as mozzarella, burrata, ricotta cheese … and let you taste the very fresh ones (often still warm …) on the spot!

Minimum 2 people, total cost 20€

Discovering the most authentic grape varieties

The High Salento is an area particularly suited to grape growing and hence the commitment and passion of our partner families, devoted to viticulture of excellence with its native varieties such as Negroamaro, Malvasia Nera, Sussumaniello, Primitivo and an international varieties such as Sauvignon Blanc. You will visit the grounds of the companies selected by us and enter in their cellars, tasting the excellence of this territory.

Minimum 2 people, total cost 70€

Visit with marine biologist to company shellfish and tasting

Visit in one of the main purification shellfish firm in Italy, where our guests are welcomed by a marine biologist to understand the water purification method, as well as the production and marketing of fish products.
After the tour, you will taste the variety of raw fish, which characterizes our sea.

Minimum 2 people, total cost 50€

Stop Slow Food in the baroque Martina Franca

During your visit in the aristocratic and baroque town of Martina Franca, you will be greeted in a traditional butchers that only a few years has managed to enter into the highest gastronomy in the world. You will know the secrets of the process and discover the authentic flavors of the meats such as the famous capocollo PDO accompanied by master butchers, products in this enchanting land.

Minimum 2 people, total cost 40€


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