5 things to do nearby ostuni

Food loversd and nature lovers

It has been hard to select the top 5 activities to experience nearby Ostuni, but we thought about what our guest loved the most and it helped us to choose. There are so many proposals in our area that everything depends on the preferences: food lovers will be satisfied and nature lovers will fill their eyes. So let’s see togheter our choises.

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    1. Tours by bicycle to the park of the coastal dunes

    Following the Traiana road, builded by the Romans for the trades with the East since 244 BC, you will discover the treasure of the Regional Natural Park Dune Costiere, which is extended from Torre Canne to Torre San Leonado and covers the territories of Ostuni and Fasano on approximately 1,100 acres. You will see the internal agricultural areas occupied by centuries-old olive groves and you may visit the dolmen of Montalbano, a megalithic monument – also known as “table of champions” – dates back to the Eneolithic. If you love this, you can take advantage of our special offer.

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    2. Down in Castellana caves

    Those rare times when there is bad weather we always advise you not to miss this absolute spectacle of nature: the complex of caves of Castellana Grotte. They began to form about 90 million years ago, and the tour winds along 3 km, more than 60 meters deep, in an amazing scenario made of stalactites, stalagmites, concretions, fossils, canyons and caves that create an incredible mix of colors and shapes capable to amaze adults and children.

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    3. See how mozzarella is done

    A rare opportunity to see how the world’s favorite cheese is produced by the skilled hands of local artisans. Plus you can sample the freshly made mozzarella, a wordless experience. The Apulian fresh cheese production includes other preparations that you will not find anywhere else in the world, starting from stracciatella: a variety of soft stretched-curd made by using a shredding technique. It’s like tasting a cloud!

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    4. Taste wines at local wineries

    Discovering the wine production always opens a new perspective that you will remember for a lifetime. You will have the chance to sample local varieties of wine such as the Verdeca, a white grape that experts believe to have originated precisely in Puglia. Used mostly as blending variety, Verdeca on its own can produce minerally wines that tend to have a “flinty” note. Or – if you love red wine – you may taste the classic Susumaniello and enjoy its aromas of red berries and plums.

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    5. Have a walk along Egnazia ruins

    Ignatia was an ancient city of Messapia built around the first century before Christ. It was a defensively built and its two kilometre long walls standing over 7 metres in height protecting the town and fortified raised citadel of Egnazia’s Acropolis that guarded the port. It’s the biggest archaeological park in Puglia, and definitely it worth the visit.


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