Farmhouse with restaurant near Ostuni

Welcome to Masseria il Frantoio Restaurant, where every dish is a page written with passion in the history of Apulian cuisine. Our painstaking commitment to preserving culinary traditions has resulted in a unique gastronomic experience that combines authentic flavors with a hint of creativity.

The Secret of Our Cuisine: Tradition and Creativity Combined.

Ancient Recipes, Modern Flavors:

We have dedicated years to unlocking the secrets of recipes handed down from generation to generation, creating a cuisine inspired by tradition, but expressed with the creative touch of the cooks at Il Frantoio Restaurant.

"Km 0" ingredients:

Our dishes come to life thanks to organic ingredients sourced directly from our farm. From citrus fruits to durum wheat, asparagus to pumpkins, each ingredient is carefully selected and grown with passion.

Masseria with Apulian cuisine near Ostuni

From Nature to the Table:

Discover the fruits of our 17th-century citrus grove, the delights of the garden behind the dining room and the unique flavors of the country paths. Each dish tells the story of our land.

Handmade Pasta and Pugliese Bread:

Our love of tradition is expressed in our handmade pasta and famous Apulian bread. A tribute to the ancient culinary arts that continues to delight palates.

A Cuisine of the Heart, for the Heart

The kitchen of Il Frantoio Restaurant is a cook's kitchen, because the nourishment of body and soul requires the precision and sensitivity of those who know the true meaning of love through food.

Farm Products:

Every day, from our land to the altar, we offer you a culinary journey that expresses the authenticity and freshness of our products.

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