You are in the land of monumental olive trees, mentioned by Aristotle and protected by the Constitution of the Athenians, the olive trees tell the vicissitudes of life and the passing of time, some bent by the wind, some torn by lightning, more gnarled and twisted, smiling or thoughtful. We invented for you 3 experience, 3 magic moments to live closely with our patriarchs in Ostuni. The youngest is 20 years old, the eldest .. 1300! They are here with us since time immemorial. Come with us to listen to them.

Tour in auto d’epoca

A Vintage car at the Il Frantoio Masseria near Brindisi in Puglia, Italy.

Tour in a vintage car with final cuddle

Our ancient olive trees await you. We will accompany our 1100B ’49 to make you discover the secrets of organic farming, to teach you the art of dry stone wall, to make you discover the magic and the only energy transmitted by a millennial olive grove. At the end of the tour you will enjoy a romantic moment of pleasure savoring a drink with the “grandfather.”

Una colazione o light lunch


A breakfast or light lunch in the shade of the millenary

The breakfasts and snacks at Frantoio is a must cuddle, but the real experience is a “pic-chic” to be enjoyed within the 70 hectares of our estate accompanied only by the sound of cicadas, the chirping of crickets, the olive trees stories . Treat yourself to an exploration and a moment of unique relaxation in Italy.

Impariamo a riconoscere le cicorielle


We learn to recognize the wild chicory

We are an organic farm, do not kill with chemistry the fruits that the earth gives us. Come with us within the olive where among the stone walls and the roots of our patriarchs grow 35 different herbs, ignored in the rest of Italy, but for centuries collected by our ancestors from Puglia to bring to the table a unique pleasure in its kind. How many times have you broke a flower Silene on the forehead of the brother or cousin? Let’s discover together also less playful side.