Authentic cuisine Pugliese

Between different aromas and flavors, like the different seasons, Puglia’s kitchen steps forward like a lightweight dance between earth and sea. Among the white stones and an always tempered climate, its food, today as yesterday, reveals to be a real pleasure and a beauty cure.

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The taste of a real masseria in Puglia

During a holiday to Puglia, the food is an attraction that you can not help but notice. Puglia is one of Italy’s most important agricultural region and among the top producers of oil and wine, and especially in the countryside near Ostuni, Italy, it’s natural to cultivate products for the table. Puglia cuisine it’s made of excellent raw materials that are processed as little as possible as durum wheat, tomatoes, artichokes, fava beans, rocket, courgettes, beans, fennel, peppers, onions, beef and lamb. It took years to study the traditional dishes that once were served as a rest after a long day of work in the fields, and perfect them with a contemporary style that unites wellbeing and tastes.

Enjoy your biological Puglia holidays

Our menu is decided on the season, time, and from what the best place to visit in Puglia offers us every day. From our citrus grove, which dates back to 1800, we take pears, oranges and tangerines to make jam. With durum wheat we prepare the typical Puglia bread, crispy crust and moist in the inside, and even different types of pasta. Along the paths of the estate, among the ancient olive trees and dry stone walls we collect asparagus, pumpkin, artichokes, beans and wild chicory. Perfumed with wild herbs grown in the kitchen garden. It won’t happen to eat the same things twice, not even if your stay lasts two weeks.

Visit Puglia and leave you heart here

All of this irrigated with excellent wines carefully selected form the best producers of Ostuni, Italy. We don’t have chefs in our kitchen but extraordinary women who know how to cook with the heart of a mother and the passion of a soul of southern Italy. A lunch or a dinner at  Masseria il Frantoio is concluded with one of the 35 different liqueurs prepared by ourselves, be careful to not miss the one flavored with olive leafs: it is unique in the whole world! During the summer months this theater of culture and gastronomy, open also for external guests, moves in the open air, in the central courtyard and as a guest said one day: “we are in a living painting”.

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