Valle d’Itria in 3 days

The perfect three days

To all the travelers who have decided to plan their holidays in Apulia and want to discover the most charming places of the Valle d’Itria in a weekend, our Frantoio in Ostuni offers a complete tour to the best places. We suggest you to rent a car for having the best moment of your Puglia holidays.

We call it “the perfect three days” because it isn’t the classic trip that you will find on a online magazine but a whole weekend full of emotions and unique experiences selected by those who really lives these places. What are you waiting for? Prepare yourself for an intensive journey through the beautiful Valle d’ Itria.


For those who are able to arrive in Puglia already on Thursday night, the stay at Frantoio begins with a delicious dinner with typical dishes from the Apulian tradition. A cuisine with organic ingredients prepared by our expert cooks who will delight you with an 8-course dinner made with the products of our farm. Unique recipes that mix the flavors of the past to a creative and modern taste, with the sample three of the greatest wines of Puglia.


The tour offered by Masseria Il Frantoio begins on Friday morning with a bike ride to the Park of the coastal dunes, the natural park that stretches from Torre Canne Torre San Leonardo, where you can admire centuries-old olive groves and megalithic monuments such as dolmens in Montalbano. After spending a couple into the wilde countryside, you can continue your experience to a beautiful beach we recommended, Lido Bizzarro. After a swim in the crystal waters you can enjoy the beach restaurant lunch with raw mussels and fried fish.

A relaxing day at the beach should always end with the magical evening atmosphere of our court at the evening, accompanied by vinyl melodies that are dispersed from the music room.

At this time we serve our ” special cocktail “of Frantoio: if are able to guess at least 4 of the 8 secret ingredients hidden in this cocktail you will earn a bottle of our organic oil. The happy hour includes fried beans, almonds, olives – harvested directly from our olive trees – and the typical taralli.

Once you finish the appetizer you’re ready to discover the ancient village of Ceglie Messapica. After a stroll in the old town, the castle and the main square you can stop for a dinner at Cibus, a restaurant with an extraordinary offer of organic products at km 0 according to the philosophy of our farm. Here you will find in addition to a real disease for raw materials, the best organic meat and the best cheeses in the area.

With a full belly, you can now bring back to the Masseria, where you will find our guardian angel waiting for giving you a goodnight with one of our 35 spirits and fine digestive.


We suggest to wake up early, around 7.30 am, and have a basic breakfast because there will be a great experience to live: the dairy production and sample of still warm mozzarella that will spin before your eyes. An extraordinary taste you’ll have to try at least once in life.

Now you’re ready to visit the town of Ostuni, the white queen of Valle D’Itria. Going up the road towards the city you’ll want to take the scenic trail turning to the destination ‘monti’. You’ll find yourself immersed in the breathtaking view of the whole valley full of olive trees up to see the sea and also our Masseria. We will wait for lunch with an organic light salad with that you can enjoy in our the Italian garden, ending with an afternoon rest.

Upon waking you can continue your tour maybe in classic cars towards Martina Franca and then admire the scenery that unfolds along the scenic road to Locorotondo. It will have to stop to Cardone Wineries and tasting their wines, especially the Verdeca, a local white grapes. From here you can navigate to Cisternino for a drink at sunset on the terrace of the country, where you can see the sun fall upon Locorotondo. For dinner we will suggest you the “Antica Rosticceria” in the old town where you can taste the typical ‘bombette’, chops with different fillings cooked on a vertical grid, or the roulades of lamb’s innards if you feel like a strong taste. A gem: if you reserve in advance you can order the donkey chops, a real treat for meat lovers.


Sunday morning starts in a total relax: after breakfast you can visit our campaign in a vintage car with an evocative account of the olive trees and on our organic farms. In the morning you can then go to Savelletri to taste the raw carpaccio of the fish shop “Pescheria 2 mari”. For the last afternoon relaxing at the beach, we recommend the lido “Taverna da Santos” where under the sun you can enjoy the exclusive Santos Spritz (cocktail made with lemon granita Verdeca and wine). At this point, if in the evening there is waiting now for your flight you just need to get home a little ‘tipsy. Otherwise you will be returning to Masseria to dine and relax in our company.

Take advantage of the special offers of Masseria Il Frantoio and live an unforgettable experience in Puglia.


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