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We like to tell and share the history of the places where we live

Every guest knows how much we like to tell and share the history of the places where we live, whether for a day or for a lifetime.

But most of all we like to hear and read new stories that every visitor creates from his personal experience at the Farm. In this crossroads of experience spanning 25 years we have heard and read the words of the many journalists who have visited us or simple guests who wanted to share their thinking, and here we gather those who have touched your heart.

” It felt like I was staying at my Italian grandmothers estate for 4 nights, with an amazing bath tub and vanity, separate bathing room, and charming sitting area in he bedroom next to the old school desk which held a coffee maker and a bottle of house wine upon our arrival. All the products were olive oil (shampoo,soap, etc) and the decorations in the room (vintage books, virgin mary paintings, vintage magazine covers..etc) were all so authentic and charming that the room couldn’t have been more cozy.

We ate at the restaurant 2 nights and did the 8 course tasting menu and this was one of the best meals I had in Italy. I would highly recommend this if you’re up for the challenge and love home cooked but very gourmet meals (they use all ingredients from the farm and local area but the portions are huge). Every course is to die for and the wine pairings are incredible. A few highlights were the homemade pasta with artichokes, the veal meat balls with cheese inside and potatoes cooked in the fire right behind you, the fresh ricotta from the farm next door, and the wild thistle/needles from the farm in broth with veal. By the end of the meal it’s hard to get up from your chair, but I would do it again in heartbeat!

The breakfast is also by far one of the best I had in Italy and across Europe. Every day there is a fresh spread of home made pastires, cakes,cookies, homemade jam, juice and yogurt, and fresh meat and cheese with olive oil from the farm. Aside from the food being the highlight, the service was also unforgettable. Lucia welcomed us and helped us purchase olive oil to bring home with us – she was very kind and helpful. Nunzia and Esther were also great and they both helped us book reservations for restaurants in the neighboring area”.

Christine on Tripadvisor

"We stayed two nights and wished we had planned for more. Beautiful location, lovely olive groves, very fine food and wine and extremely helpful and courteous staff. We even left a coat behind and the staff had it delivered to our hotel in Bari, three hours away, the next day! It is a perfect base for travel in Puglia, within a couple of hours of most sites"

Miles, New York

” It is clear that this amazing Masseria has a long track record of sustained excellence. It is beautiful to behold, tranquil and has committed and friendly staff. We were ‘wowed’ by it earlier in the year and resolved to return for a family celebration. Breakfasts are simply delightful and our rooms were comfortable and full of charm. There is a social openness about the place and many interesting conversations are struck up with other guests. This is a rewarding experience in itself. We just used the place to ‘chill out’ but it can be used as a base to do a broad range of activities, such as walking, cycling, wind surfing, sun worshipping and sightseeing, to name a few. All in all, it is a triumph of hospitality”.

Alec on Tripadvisor

"An experience , not simply a hotel. Clean, quaint, every room a little quirky and unique. Shabby Chic farmhouse with elegant vaulted ceiling in the dining room, food is taken seriously here and of utmost quality and preparation"

Audielee, Maryland

"The first visit was so great, it is amazing that the second was even better. First the rooms were in a newly open set of rooms, called the privilege rooms. They had all the charm of the others while being in the area that once was a stable. On arrival the host were great, treat you like family. They made a great cake for my granddaughter’s 11th birthday. It was outstanding. The breakfast is great. The dinners were great, only too much food with the eight course meal. During the day the beach is close and fun; Ostuni is an easy visit. Also a drive down the coast and a visit to Galaplo are good options. Of course, just setting in the lounge chairs and relaxing was a great half day for me while the girls went shopping"

bubba65 on Tripadvisor


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