Tangere stellas

New bottle for our best olive oil

We have already told how 25 years ago was born the Masseria Il Frantoio, an accomplishment that happens only once in life. So we’ve decided to give to our most precious resource, the olive oil produced by olive trees, a new look. We did it to celebrate our anniversary, but paying tribute to the family that literally imprinted his name in this Masseria in Ostuni.

Masseria Il Frantoio is historically known as the Selva Monticelli, anthroponym derived from the name of one of the oldest owners in the nineteenth, Mariano Monticelli. Several families have alternated over the centuries and the last one was the Tanzarellas. Their name comes from the Latin “tangere stella” and it’ s symbolized by a hand stretching out to the stars, to remind us of the eternal human aspiration to go higher and higher.

Upon entering the main entrance you can see in the upper right the coat of arms of this family, the same as we wanted to bring on new bottle. For the name instead we have chose the Latin origin, as clearly visible in the area of ​​Ostuni where a piece of ancient Trajan road. On the traces of this ideal journey to our origins, we have devoted to their family Tanzarella the new bottle for the 25th anniversary of the Masseria Il Frantoio.

A precious olive oil with balanced flavor

This bottle is not only made of beauty, but preserves an excellent excellent extra virgin olive oil obtained from our organic olives. We have selected two of the most precious truths, ogliarola and frantoio olive, and we are working according to the classical method of cold pressing within 24 hours of collection in a continuous loop.

Only in this way you can preserve intact floral aromas and its delicate flavor, slightly bitter, with a pleasant final almond. decanting is also made to the natural, unfilteredIt is an oil with a balanced and harmonious, characterized by a fruity taste that denotes the origin and reveals all its genuineness. Ideal raw, served with bread or vegetables as it wants the Mediterranean diet is also rich in polyphenols, important natural antioxidants. A delight for all the senses, those who want to taste it?


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