Puglia vine varieties: a priceless treasure

A journey across the typical vine varieties of Puglia

Puglia is now one of the most popular region around all over the word. Its importance is increased in the last years turning it into a of the most valued destination for all the food and wine lovers. It’s renowned for its coasts, olive trees food and wine. In the past wines of Puglia were unknown out of the region and they were mainly used as blend for the most famous wines of north of Italy. This trend has changed in the last few years after that wines of Puglia had received several eulogies and awards, becoming known not just in Italy but all over the word.

Even though Apulia is an important producer of white wine and rosè, is definitely most noted for its red wines. Today we’ll show you a journey across three of the most typical vines varieties.

1. Nero di Troia. A long-standing wine esteemed by Federico II di Svevia

Nero di Troia is one of the most famous vines varieties in Apulia. It has really long-standing beginnings deep in the territory. The legend tells that Diomede, one of the heroes of Troy, brought with him from Troy some vines of this plant. Also Federico II di Svevia was an evaluator of this “black full-bodied wine”. It’s name came from its typical black “Nero” color.

For long time the Nero di Troia had a secondary role. Just in the last years has received several eulogies and awards, becoming one of the most well-known apulian wines.

Soft tannins, spiced taste and a soft wooden flavor, with fragrance of berries and licorice. These features made Nero di Troia eligible for DOC certification.

Among the best producer of this red wine we can found two very important wineries: Cantina Carpentiere and Tormaresca. On August 17th and 24th we’ll have the pleasure of arranging a wine tasting session with these producers. Find more informations here.

2. Susumaniello. A full-bodied red wine strong as a “black donkey”

This typical vine variety, known also with the name of “Somarello nero”  “black donkey” – is living a strong success among the wine experts. Its name come from the comparison with the strength of the donkey. Effectively this vine variety, in the early life, has a powerful and strong production of grapes.
This is an old variety and its origins are not well known. What we know is that the first area in which it was developed, was around the countryside of Brindisi. Quickly this variety has been developed all around Fasano, Ostuni and the norther part of Salento.

The bunch is medium size and colored by a full red with purple shades. The taste is dry, warm and soft.

We recommend to combine this wine with some typical apulian cheese as provolone stagionato. 

On August 24th we’ll host a wine sampling at Masseria Il Frantoio, where Cantina Rubino will introduce the guests at this typical wine.

3. Primitivo. An excellence of Puglia

The vine variety of Primitivo is absolutely the most famous apulian variety among wine lovers. It is a typical red wine well-known all around the word. It is widespread around the area of Taranto and in detail around Manduria. It’s is known as Primitivo di Manduria. This vine variety has been developed even in Salento – south of Puglia – been called Primitivo del Salento.

Its name originates form its early harvest in the early September – “primitivo” means in italian “early” “primordial”. This variety grows in the country side among the villages and even on the coast.

Primitivo has very old beginnings. It was brought by Greek more than 2000 years ago in Puglia. Some DNA test confirms that Primitivo and Zinfandel have the same origins.

Its color is full red, with some violet shade, or orange shade when aged. The smell is soft and peculiar. The taste is full-bodied, rich, harmonic and velvety if aged.

This wine is adaptable and features with most of the typical apulian dishes.

Cantina Tormaresca is one of the most famous producer of Primitivo, and on August 27th we’ll have this winery as a guest for an event of wine sampling. Here more information.

4.Wine tasting summer in Puglia

All these vine variety we wrote about are an priceless treasure for Apulia and their reputation is rising year by year.

We’ll be pleased of hosting these producers in our Masseria il Frantoio for three days dedicated to typical food of Puglia and wine during August.

More informations here.


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