Frantoio summer 2016

Food and wine in Ostuni

Wine tasting, ancient history and the original cuisine of Ostuni area: those are the main protagonists of our summer 2016. We thought about a series of events with the best gastronomic companies in the area, to savor and enjoy the Apulian recipes and the wines that have made this region well know in the world. Each tasting dinner is a journey that starts at 20.00 with a visit of the Masseria, and continues to 20.30 when we will accommodated in our outdoor courtyard.

Special guests will be the producers and growers who will present their products with the proposals from our restaurant. Our intent is to offer a multisensory experience through the sound of our olive trees, the flavors of our land and the warmth of our Masseria. Let’s meet some of the protagonists that will be our guest and your cicero through those weekly events.

1.Cardone Vini

The history of this winery began in the 70′s, when grandad Giuseppe and his son Franco bought a winery on the outskirts of Locorotondo and established what is now one of the oldest and most prestigious family-run wineries in Puglia, already in its third generation with Marianna and Vito. The production of their wines is deliberately limited to ensure maximum quality through inspections and experimentation affecting the whole process, from picking to bottling. This production includes wines from both local and international varieties of grapes, which represent the quality of a territory. And so, from the Locorotondo to the Negroamaro, from Pinot Noir to Chardonnay, wines by Cardone are the natural fruit of the earth.


The history of the winery Cantele starts after second world war, when Giovanni Battista Cantele and his wife Teresa Manara have been the protagonists of an unusual migration. From the prosperous north of Italy infact they moved to Puglia, where agriculture was the only activity. But from the very beginning, they have always thought their wine like it was food. In other words, products that offer drinkability and balanced aromas and flavors when paired with dishes at the dinner table. Wholesomeness and food-safety are also key elements in the approach to winemaking even for the third generation of Cantele’s family, who are running the winery toda.

3.Colli della Murgia Vini

For Colli della Murgia the wine is what best represents Puglia, it’s the connection between our land and our culture , is the element that binds us to the magnificence of nature. Since the early 90’s so far, they works for creating a natural habitat completely free of any chemical or synthetic, using everything that nature creates. Their vineyard is a living because it lives a living earth and produces extraordinary grapes that give life to a wine alive. The land from which they come from is know for Verdeca Gravina, a sparkling white wine that has nothing to do with the vine Verdeca.

4.Tenute Rubino

The Tenute Rubino project started in the 80’s from an idea of Tommaso Rubino, a firm believer in Puglia’s potential. In 1999 his son Luigi, together with his wife Romina Leopardi, started the Tenute Rubino brand. Susumaniello is the grape variety which best identifies Tenute Rubino, which have runned a special Susumaniello project. More over, they consider manual labour an essential factorfor achieving quality and prestige. This is why they create the Women’s harvest project to promote feminine work in the vineyards as one of the key factors of the entire production process.


The basic idea of Tormaresca’s production philosophy is to produce great wines from native grapes from Puglia. Most of the vineyards are planted with traditional grapes, some of which date back to the civilization of Ancient Greece, and strongly rooted in the territory: Primitivo, Negroamaro, Puglia Fiano, Aglianico, Nero di Troia and Moscato Reale. For 26 generations the indissoluble bond with the land, respect for the traditions and history of Puglia, the push towards technical innovation and concept guide the choices and actions of Tormaresca.


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