Masseria Il Frantoio

We are ready to open again!

ince always we had tell you, through our blog, life and spirit of Masseria il Frantoio. We always did very clear, telling you our small perspective of our tradition, our beautiful landscape and through the magnificent typical product of our region.

And today we will do the same. As usual.

The flood who hit Puglia

In the last few weeks our beautiful region was hit by a flood who made several inconveniences and problems from north to south of the region. Three days of heavy rain hit specially our area close to Ostuni.
The flood hit our Masseria il Frantoio too, blocking us for the first time in 25 years. The countryside around the masseria was cover by mud and some rooms at the first floor were flood ruining part of the forniture.
Our love for nature and our land, gave us the energy and the strength for remedy.

When centenary olive trees became inspiration!

Our centenary olive trees always taught us that who has deep roots and a centenary experience, nothing could hit you! Nothing!
In the past our olive tress has always reacted to flood and fire, showing us how to cheer ourself up from some bad event. We took inspiration from their power to cheer ourself up after the flood.

We have discovered our deep roots in this amazing region, our strength as tough is their trunks. We did it thanks to our tough staff, our spirit, our love for Masseria il Frantoio!

Masseria il frantoio: we are ready to open!

Saturday October first, after 20 days after the flood, we’ll be ready to open our masseria again and hosting everybody again, as we did for 25 years.

We want to thank every single person who helped and supported us in this period! All of them!

Several people asked us how they can help now. There is only one way: come back to Masseria il Frantoio, come visiting us, came enjoying again or beautiful place!
We’ll be glad to host all of you and thank everybody in person!

Incoming events at Masseria il Frantoio:
Olive Harvest in Masseria
Ognissanti Weekend in Puglia
Immacolata Weekend in Puglia
Christmass in Puglia at Masseria Il Frantoio


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