Christmas in Puglia

Events and traditions for your holiday

Puglia is a land rich of beautiful landscape and traditions famous all over the world. Its coasts, olive oil trees, typical foods, events and traditions are part of a huge culturale patrimony who brings every year thousand of tourist from all over the world to breath the typical colture of this region.

During Christmas Apulia shows all its rich heritage and all the traditions being one of the most important time of the year.

In this post we’ll tell you the best activity to do during your Christmas holiday in Puglia.

A nativity scene old two hundred years

Presepe is the representation of the nativity scene of Christ which in Puglia is definitively more important of any Christmas three. In Puglia since the XIX century all the families used to build at home a presepe and it was so important that for Christmas a whole room was dedicated to this structure. The whole family, friends and neighbors used to go visiting the presepe to cheer and make the best wishes for the incoming Christmas.

This element was so important for the tradition in Puglia that has become during the last year a live performance of the nativity scene in which the statuettes are performed by the inhabitants and characters. The most important nativity scene performance in Puglia during the Christmas period is the one in Alberobello that goes back to the 1970.

The grocery shop before Christmas

If you have ever visited Puglia or if you have already read any articles of our blog, you will certainly know how food is important in apulian tradition and in the life of all the inhabitants. Christmas is an important moment for all the families to celebrate the nativity of Jesus, for hanging on together and celebrating around the most typical food and preparations.

The grocery shop before Christmas is an important moment in which the best ingredients are picked to make the best recipes of Christmas. During the evening of December 23rd the families of the most important cities in Puglia go to the market to buy the last ingredients for the dinner of the day after and to cheer and make the best wishes for the incoming Christmas.

This is a perfect moment to live properly the old Christmas tradition in Puglia.

Fanove: when the celebration of saints goes on fire

During December and January in Puglia are really famous the “fanove” – massive bonfire – that celebrate the saints of the Christmas period. Every year thousands of tourist go visiting this impressive fires in the city centre of the old town in Puglia and to taste the typical food of these places. Most of the “fanove” al placed in January and the most famous is the one in Castellana Grotte. As important as that is the one in Galatone in December 12th when the whole town goes on fire for celebrating Saint Lucia, lighting several fires and preparing the most tasty and typical food.

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