A project for everyone

Let’s renovate the hypogeum olive-press

Dear Friends,

I am writing this letter to illustrate you a new ambitious project. My family and I would like to share it with you because we are strongly thankful and grateful to all of our guests in the last 25 years.
To all those who have spent time at Frantoio, for just one night or some weeks, but they preserve nice memories; to who has found serenity and inspiration here; to all those who have lost and rediscovered themselves; to those who fell in love and remember Frantoio with a smile. To all of you, we ask for help today.

We need a contribution to rebuild one of the landmark of our Masseria: the ancient hypogeum olive-press – to whom we owe our name, which has been severely compromised by the flood last 10th September.

The olive-press is a natural cave millions years old and thanks to our ancestors it has been transformed in a cool and dark place five centuries ago, also to preserve treasures and especially “yellow gold”.
Unfortunately, the flood has covered of mud many historical artifacts, which we have kept and preserved for lots of years to tell future generations about the harmony between nature’s splendour and man’s ingenuity.

We are not going to give up and we are going to bring everything back as before. We feel custodians of this amazing place and we would like that all our guests could continue to enjoy this land with an immense natural and cultural heritage as always in the past.

It is an onerous cost for us, but we want to do it, hoping to count on your help and on people belief that Frantoio is an architectural monument and a common good. We are sure that the road is less arduous together. This is our way to promote a civic crowdfunding dedicated to raising funds for the restoration. If you fell in love of the ancient olive trees, help us to put a stone on the renovation of the cave, because it could come back to shine. There are many ways to help: find out more here.

We will be forever grateful for your gesture.

Thanks to all of you, from the bottom of my heart,
Armando Balestrazzi

To allow us to renovate the hypogeum olive-press, we thought about different recognitions depending on your contribution. You can collect recognitions on site.

10 – 50 €
Commemorative plaque of hypogeum olive-press

51 – 100 €
Commemorative plaque of hypogeum olive-press and a bottle of Tangere Stellas

101 – 250 €
Commemorative plaque of hypogeum olive-press, one bottle of Tangere Stellas, 20% off for the first night (minimum stay 2 nights)

Over 251 €
Commemorative plaque of hypogeum olive-press, one bottle of Tangere Stellas, 20% off for the first night (minimum stay 2 nights) and a meal for 2 people

To join the initiative:

- make a payment* IBAN IT23Z0101079232100000003563
- send us an email to prenota@masseriailfrantoio.it to receive a Paypal code for the payment and the voucher to collect the recognition

*After payment, you should send to prenota@masseriailfrantoio.it or call to +39 (0)831.33.02.76 to receive the voucher to collect the recognition


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