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24/01/2016 - Wild herbs and ancient olive trees

2016/01/24 10:00:00

Wild herbs and ancient olive trees

A day to study and recognize the wild herbs growing in millennial olive trees, organically managed and recorded in accordance with Reg. Law 14/2007 on the protection of the ancient olive groves of Puglia.

Sunday jan 24th, The Park Dune Costiere, the Association Passo di Terra, Piana degli Ulivi Slow food and the publishing house Stilo Editrice are pleased to invite you to an excursion among the ancient olive trees of the Masseria Farm Il Frantoio, to discover the variety of wild edible herbs that nature can give us. Botanical experts will help us to recognize herbs and edible flowers that grow on the slopes of the Murgia, often considered pests, but rich in vitamins and minerals, and that were for centuries the basis of the daily diet of the local farmers.

After the walk we’ll have lunch at the farm with a menu based on organic products, herbs and wild flowers, fine wines from Puglia and homemade liqueurs. Il Frantoio is a farm with the Mark of the Park and is part of the organic itinerary along the Trajan way.

The walk is free, reservation is required.

For info and reservations you, please call 0831 330276 or e-mail at prenota@masseriailfrantoio.it