The fruits of our land are not only good but also rare


Did you knew that many of the best traditional food in Italy come from our Puglia? Just think about the role of olive oil – of which Puglia is one of the largest manufacturer – in the Mediterranean diet. There are some products that will not find anywhere else in the world, and for that we will make sure not to skip them during your holiday in Puglia.


1. Carrots from San Vito

These carrots cultivated in the little town of San Vito can be purple, red, yellow and orange. Featuring a sweeter taste than normal, these carrots are harvested by hand from December to March following the natural cycle of the seasons. The carrot of San Vito can be eaten raw or cooked, alone or as an ingredient in main courses and side dishes, cakes and pies (both savory and sweet), pasta, liqueurs, ice cream, yogurt, jams. We use them for rich spring salads with these carrots and oranges, as well as raw as a snack, perhaps accompanied by the fresh beans to taste the most of the much more intense flavor than traditional ones. They have been selected as a product Slow Food, a certification that preserves the small productions of gastronomic excellence threatened by industrial agriculture, environmental degradation, homologation.


2. Tomato Queen from Torre Canne

Tomato Queen is a typical product of Puglia, grown mainly on land running along the coast. “Queen” is called because in the process of maturation the stem tends to rise upwards, forming a kind of crown. Tradition has it that when they are picked, the Queen tomatoes are stored linked to each other in a remarkably cotton thread. Once the clusters created you can hang to dry them and consume them even dried. Even these Tomato are a Slow Food products. We use them mostly raw or to flavor roasts and other baked seconds.


3. Carosello

The carousel is a type of cucumber, whose cultivation in Puglia dates back several centuries ago, and now there are dozens of different types. Appreciated for ever bitter enjoyable flavor, are eaten sprinkled with a pinch of salt or dip, in salads of tomatoes, oregano and fresh onion, raw natural, to accompany the mashed beans, stuffed into cialledde, the slices of bread stale seasoned typical of Puglia.We use the Barattiere variety of Fasano, typical of the area in tight proximity to the Masseria and more digestible than other varieties of cucumber.


4. Lampascione

We use to say that only a population “crazy” and hungry like that Puglia can dig a meter underground to take a product as small as bitter and invent dozens of recipes. The lampascione is a herbaceous plant from the bulb like an onion, they certainly do not know half measures: either you love him or hate him instantly. Already known to the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, his virtues were tested since the first century A.D. from the famous greek physician Galen, who described it as a diuretic, laxative and purifying. Is prepared boiled and seasoned with oil, pepper and salt, or fried. We propose them to our guests in a sweet and sour version adding citrus honey after it is fried.


5. Half meter peinted green beans

Tradition has it that they are painted because “painted by God” who has given them a much more intense flavor than traditional ones. We can assure you that after tasting them will not soon forget them. We serve them with tomatoes flask and ricotta marzotica.