Authentic cuisine Pugliese

Between different aromas and flavors, like the different seasons, Puglia’s kitchen steps forward like a lightweight dance between earth and sea. Among the white stones and an always tempered climate, its food, today as yesterday, reveals to be a real pleasure and a beauty cure.

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No chef in the kitchen, but "o km" cooks

A delicate maneuvering took us years, to disclose the trick of the ancient dishes the women used to prepare for their husbands, coming home from hard days of work on the fields. The recipes are actualized according to our creative taste, but they guarantee that connection with tradition that astonishes and satisfies. A kitchen with female cooks at “0 Km” and not with chefs, because the nourishment of the body and the soul are the task that require the precision and the sensibility of a woman and of a mother..
The dishes are prepared every day with the products of the farm: from the citrus grove of the 17 century we obtain the fruits for the jams; with the durum wheat in addition to the famous bread from Puglia we prepare by hand many types of pasta; along the trails of the estate, among the centuries-old olive trees and the dry-stone wall grow asparagus, tassel hyacinth, pumpkin, sprout of butcher’s broom, artichoke, legumes and “wild chicory”; from the vegetable garden behind the dining room the herbs.

A daily changing menu

It won’t happen to eat the same things twice, not even if your stay lasts two weeks. Every day there is the taste of discovery with which ‘Il Frantoio’ conveys the typicalness of the harvest through the creative taste of the kitchen. Seated in the restaurant, with the stone vaults and floors, next to the fireplace, it might happen to you to get orzotto (made with pearl barley) with pumpkin and sprout of butcher’s groom, wild artichokes cooked in wine and tassel hyacinth with orange honey or laganari (type of fresh pasta) with filled tomatoes or maybe lamb with potatoes from the crock pan. All of this irrigated with excellent wines carefully selected form the best producers of Puglia.

Taste our liqueurs unique in the world

A lunch or a dinner at the “Frantoio” is concluded with one of the 35 different liqueurs prepared in the Masseria, but be careful to not miss the one flavored with olive leafs, it is unique in the whole world!
During the summer months this theater of culture and gastronomy moves in the open air, in the central courtyard and as a guest said one day: “We are in a painting”
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